Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Top Places to be after 12

When you’ve finished up at your night shift of work or decide last minute to go out or if you’re just not finished partying yet, here are our top places to visit after 12am...

The perfect place to play some pool and hang out with some friends.  Don’t forget that you can catch a local DJ often ripping up the dance floor while the booze-trolls go into their trance-dance.

Watch out for: booze-trolls

2.       TIGER TIGER
One of the hottest club spots in the Claremont area. The home of nationwide events that have hosted the top Radio DJ’s in SA. There is a dress-code for this venue; no open shoes, no shorts and no t-shirts for men.

Watch out for: trend setters and Tiger Tiger dancers on stage.

3.       BRASS BELL
On a Wednesday this place livens up as the karaoke night sets on fire. Fridays you can find some mellow trance. You can grab some munchies while listening to a sick band. Be expected to pay entrance and bring your bank card for your drinks.

Watch out for: old fogies, jocks, young hipsters and the occasional bad-singing-booze-troll

Come on down to Springboks for their Jug night every Tuesday. Cool venue set in a vintage train, you can find some of Cape Towns’ illest local DJs ripping up the decks!

Watch out for: old fogies and UCT Jocks

5.       SIDE SHOW
You shall find the masses at Side Show shaking their behinds to some of Cape Towns’ hottest DJ’s. Chris Taylor, Jak Skandi, D-Vision, Jamie Saint, Embrace-one and Bryan Farrow are only a few of the resident DJs at this venue and don’t forget that every Friday you can find a mad headliner DJ like Das Kapital, Hyphen or PhFat. As the night progresses you can find the music changes to a more trance tempo. They offer a big VIP area and they hand out free vodka early on in the evening.

Watch out for: big jocks, stompers and some betty’s


This is a cool venue for young kids looking for a sick jol. You  can find some of SA’s finest bands and DJs and a few internationals too. There are cheap drink specials and is awesome music. There are two dance floors, vintage video games and foose ball tables. This is also a smoking club and don’t forget about The Castle bar for pre-drinks.

Watch out for: young hipsters, the odd old fogie.

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